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You Are the Fairest Of Them All Vinyl Wall Art Decal J1

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Decal Description

You are the fairest of them all

With elegant vinyl lettering and a variety of color options, this wall decal quote looks great in a girl’s bedroom or over a vanity mirror. But instead of asking Mirror, mirror, on the wall, you can simply consult the wall itself, bearing this decal quote with a message that inspires confidence in natural beauty. Whoever you are, you are the fairest of them all, because you have talents, qualities, and traits that no one else does. In that sense, you are the fairest in your own special way. And, logically, the phrase is on the wall, much like in the story of Snow White as the evil queen inquires about her beauty status in the kingdom. Snow White, of course, was the fairest, not necessarily for her red lips or ebony hair but for her kindness and innocence. Vinyl lettering within the wall decal is easy to remove. The decal quote won’t harm surfaces.

Additional Information

Weight 9 oz
Dimensions N/A

Small: 20" by 7", Medium: 27" by 9", Large: 36" by 13", Extra Large: 45" by 16"


Beige, Black, Blue, Dark Blue, Dark Brown, Dark Green, Dark Red, Gold, Gray, Green, Light Blue, Light Brown, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver, White, Yellow

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